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Credential Management The applicant should be interviewed by a WAS investigator who is familiar with the relevant procedures of the FBI's CGI or other criminal background system. The criminal background check should include the following: All relevant personnel files. All relevant employment-related information. An opinion from a WAS investigator on the applicant's suitability to participate in Federal law enforcement. If the applicant is found to be unsuitable for the position, the individual or his/her representative(IES) should be contacted directly and given an opportunity to request a reconsideration of the decision. Note: An interview may be requested, but is not required. The interview should include an on-site physical examination and an interview of the applicant's family. Applicants will be required to disclose whether their spouse or any other immediate family member is a member of any terrorist organization, terrorist related crime group or crime syndicate, is involved in any way in a national security.

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I use Microsoft Word because I'm a big nerd, and that's why I wrote this stupid thing you're looking at now :P.

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If the agency does not have one, then applicants should contact the S/A or S/C immediately to request one or make arrangements to receive one. The form is printed in English and includes a summary of the basic requirements (see Appendix B for more).  For a more detailed explanation of the rules, see Chapter 2-A in the OPM Guide on Confidentiality:  Confidential Employment Status Information. If you are selected as a special agent for the CIA (or other security clearance) then there is an additional step in the interview process that needs to be addressed:  3-4. What is the approval process used in these cases? (Please give approximate timeline of approval process) After the interview, if you are selected for employment, you will be required to write an OPM security clearance application (SET 380D) which will include any additional required documentation such as  • The security clearance  • A security clearance  • The security clearance .

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Date. Dec 15, 2014 — security screening form? Mar 14, 2016 — United Kingdom security screening form? (For other countries see “How to Pass a Security Clearance” on pages 2, 4, and 16.) For and non-EU citizens you will receive a special letter of introduction during the application procedure as part of that part of the security clearance application process. The letter of introduction is a single page with a single letter of interest in the applicant's file and is used for security purposes in the end by some EU countries for immigration and border control screening, and some other government agencies for employment screening. The letter of introduction must be in the applicant's own handwriting, is limited in the applicant's native language to 500 characters (excluding space and punctuation), and does not include any information about the applicant that the applicant has not already voluntarily provided (information that cannot be.